Student Feedback
I want to start by saying "thank you Ms. Heather (Auburn teacher) for being the best teacher I've ever had hands down!!! I live between the Arden & Auburn school locations so I could've chose either one but after reading the website reviews & Yelp reviews I chose the Auburn school. Ms. Heather is such an intelligent, kind, caring, knowledgeable & down to earth teacher who wants her students to be the best CNA's out there. I feel like I'm fully prepared to take on the state test. Ms. Heather went above & beyond what other CNA programs would teach & I'm forever grateful for my experience at Kash College Auburn. If you're torn between the two locations I'd drive the extra mile to get the best training from the best instructor around. It's only been a few days since we graduated & I miss Ma. Heather & my classmates already. We became so close & everyone from Kash will always be a part of my family. Thank you again to Ms. Heather & Mr. Kash for giving me the tools & training I need to head out in the world to be the best CNA I can possibly be. Ps....I loved it so much I've referred my sister, friends & would send my daughter there If this is the path she chooses. Love you all Cyndie B (student, class of August 2017.   ____________________________________________________________________________________
Mr. Kash, words cannot express how blessed I am to have been able to complete ​my CNA course at your college.  Your program is the best and Ms. Heather is an amazing teacher.  May your college continue to be successful and may you expand into LVN program soon.  I can't wait.  Thank you for this opportunity. Angela D. (Student November 2015)
My experience with Kash Career College was wonderful! I did extensive research on different CNA schools in the Sacramento area and what made Kash Career College stand out the most was that it had the most options for when I could take my classes. This worked well with my busy schedule of balancing courses for a four-year university as well as a part-time job. I also really enjoyed the low cost of the classes and material in comparison to other medical training centers. My teacher for my CNA classes was wonderful! She was very insightful and was always open to questions during and after classes as well as during the clinical training hours. This school and its staff are amazing!   A. Nelson (Student)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Awesome College!! Never thought I would feel so connected to everyone there. They treat you like family and after your course is done you still find yourself wanting to come back to check in and make sure everyone is doing fine! Mr. Kash is understandable and always willing to work with you, and Ms. Akeebah is just straight awesome! She tells you how it is. She's fair, very knowledgeable and has a huge heart! I just loved coming to school! You guys made it great!  Jen B. (Student)
I chose Kash Career College because I didn't want to feel like a number. Students who enjoy being in smaller classes and communicating directly with instructors and other students will thrive at Kash Career College. It is really a community of intellectuals so students who enjoy learning and experiencing new things should definitely consider attending Kash Career College.   Delia P. (Student)
 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The front desk really helps if you have questions about the course classes. Mr. Kash is considerate.  He allows the students to pay partially the tuition fees.    Cristene (Student)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In Kash Career College it was good experience. I really learned so much when I was taking the class. It was an awesome school. They also had good teacher. She was nice and polite. I liked the college it really help you so much. They have different times when you want to start. Its just awesome. I really liked the staff and the teachers.        Justine W. (Student)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ms. heather is the best. She loves what she does and knows her stuff. Thank you so much.
Deidre H.
 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ms. Heather is absolutely without a doubt the best instructor I could have asked for. Her confidence in her students along with her knowledge helped each and every one of us feel at ease. We all started this class as strangers and literally ended as family. Susan(Student)
 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Mr. Kash I want to thank you for Mrs. Heather. She's an awesome teacher and I really enjoyed being her student.  I love Kash Career College.
J. Williams.  Graduated 4/23/14
I had two instructors, Ms. Akeebah, and Ms. Djoanna.  Both of them were very nice to me.  I learnt a lot from two of them.  Thank you for all the knowledge you passed on to me.
 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ms. Heather is a wonderful person. She takes the time to make sure you understand everything. She's a very patient person and is very helpful. I loved working with her.
 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mrs. Heather is an awesome instructor. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about the medical field and she made sure that we (students) all put 100% into our studies and made sure that we applied ourselves to our fullest potential. She was amazing and taught me so much. I'd recommend her for other programs.   Jennah P. (Student)
 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mrs. Heather, she's an awesome instructor to me, she's kind and generous.
She's the best...      Dahryl (Student)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you Mrs. Heather for everything that I learned. I am so proud of myself because she help me get to where I am now. I am so thankful for her being my teacher. 
Cordia D. (Student)
 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mrs. Heather is by far the best instructor you have at Kash Career College. Hold on to her!!! I learned so much in her class. She made sure we all were more than ready for our state test. Thank you so much!       Alyssia B. (Student)
 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Heather Hobson is an extraordinary instructor. She is skilled in all aspects of nursing. Very educated instructor. I am very privileged to have been instructed by her. I strongly recommend her as anyone's instructor. She is the best instructor for CNA at Kash Career College.     Dawnna P. (Student)
 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mrs. Heather!!! You're the Best!!! It was a short class, but full of good times! I will never forget you. Cassandra (Student) 
 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Heather Hobson is a very good teacher. She was always willing to give extra time to students if they needed it. She was patient and gave us confidence. I am very glad I was able to have her as a teacher. Magdalena (Student)
I love Ms. Heather! She is a great teacher and extremely supportive throughout the entire process! I would recommended Kash Career College to anyone!
Brianna C. (Student).
Thank you, Ms. Akeebah Moore.  I enjoyed your class.  Maria L. (Student)