Registration on Mondays through Thursdays from 11:00am to 3:00 pm at 1333 Howe Ave, Suite 100, Sacramento CA 95825.

                                2024 Schedule
Location for Clinical site is Sacramento or Roseville.

Continuing Education Units (CEU) In-person classes 
Starts: July 20, 2024 (4CEU hours)
Ends: July 21, 2024 (4 CEU hours)
CNA - Weekend class starts June 15, 2024, ends August 24, 2024.
CNA - Weekend class starts September 7, ends November 10, 2024
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Online CNA Classes:
CNA-Morning class starts June 25, ends August 2, 2024
CNA-Morning class starts August 5, ends September 12, 2024
CNA-Morning class starts September  23 ends October 31, 2024
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Home Health Aide: Starts: September 7, Ends: September 21, 2024
RNA (Restorative Nurse Assistant) Class: Starts May 18 ends May 19, 2024.
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KASH CAREER COLLEGE is Sacramento's premiere College for Certified Nurse
Assistant (CNA), Home Health Aide (HHA), Restorative Nurse Assistant (RNA), and Continuing Education Units (CEU).

We have Morning, Evening, and Weekend classes.  You can tailor your time with any of these schedules in order to obtain the required CNA training in 29 days, or as long as 10 weeks.

The cost is low and we offer easy installment payment plans and free books for all CNA classes and Home Health Aide classes.

Employment opportunities in healthcare have remained amongst the top trends in future industry needs.   As a Certified Nurse Assistant, you will work in long-term care facilities, medical offices, hospitals, and outpatient facilities.  Many have passed through our program, and are now working and earning good salary in the healthcare field.

Apart from Certified Nurse Assistant classes, we also offer classes in Home Health Aide, Restorative Nurse Assistant, and Continuing Education Units. 
Kash Career College is approved and certified by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Licensing and Certification Program (L&C).
 Campus at 1333 Howe Avenue, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95825 or call for more information (916) 978-0700.   
                                                             CNA - HHA -CEU